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Every picture tells a story
Having toured in the USA with the Jeff Beck Group, Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood certainly knew how to party like rock stars. Realising that fun could be had by inviting members of the audience back to their accommodation, it was perhaps here that Ronnie Wood first started to gain a reputation for trashing hotel rooms. Although the future Rolling Stone would usually get kicked out by the time the furniture went in the pool. Other antics included playing football in the corridors and moving around peoples shoes that had been left out for polishing. In keeping with their rebellious nature, the level of anarchy was often in tune with the response of the manager – if he had a sense of humour they would put the furniture back, and if he didn't...

In fact, his antics with the Faces have paralleled Ronnie's other interests – they can be considered an art in themselves! As his rock and roll career progressed however, so did the size of venues being trashed; as they progressed from hotel rooms to the stages themselves. But far from scaring the fans, as Rod often threw the microphone and stand into the crowd, they loved it; eventually it became synonymous with the act itself. Although, the hotel chains took a slightly dimmer view of the carnage caused by Ronnie and the gang. The Faces were the first group to be banned from not one, but every single Holiday Inn.

Whilst cynics may argue that their hotel room antics were purely to create publicity for new albums, and promote their gigs this was not really the case. As Ronnie said, “we did it because we felt like it”; the truth behind both their hotel room madness and more importantly their music.