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Ronnie Wood’s art, an excellent investment.
‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ Keats.

Art is a way of connecting and communicating with our surroundings and the desire to create art, be it music or painting, is a primal urge, a form of self expression.

Ronnie’s Wood’s credentials as an artist were confirmed when he was commissioned by Andrew Lloyd Webber, to produce a work profiling London’s social scene, at the turn of the millennium. The composition was set in the famous London restaurant, The Ivy, a restaurant famed for its high profile clientele. Thirty of the regulars were asked who their choice of dining companion would be, and the resulting painting features sixty of the most influential luminaries of the era; pop stars, models, politicians, journalists, authors, and TV personalities. The subsequent triptych measured six foot high by eighteen foot long and was unveiled, to great acclaim, at the Royal Academy in 2003. It is currently hanging in the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London.

As a privileged insider, Ronnie Woods art documents the performers he has known and worked with from a unique perspective. His art works chronicle a memorable era in the world of music and entertainment; making them highly desirable, valuable works of art, with an important historical content.

From an art investment and collecting perspective, first and foremost it is always best if you can relate to the piece of art you are considering buying. You are making an emotional investment, as much as a financial one. For example, Ronnie Wood collects art by William Orpen, he collects his work because he likes the art; the investment potential was not the initial attraction, although it has proved to be an astute choice of artist and an excellent buy.

Art is becoming an asset class in its own right and as such attracts investment funds from institutions as well as wealthy individuals. Generally these funds are administered by professionals, whose art consultants advise on every aspect of their acquisitions. However, this does not mean there isn’t scope for investors with more modest sums. Ronnie Woods’ original works have commanded ever increasing sums, as he has become recognized for his artistic talent as well as music skills. In 2005, one of his works, “Beggars’ Banquet”, (a portrait of the Rolling Stones) was acquired by a private collector for a million dollars. Fortunately, much of Ronnie’s work is also available as signed limited edition prints. This has enabled fans and collectors alike to share in one of his paintings for a more affordable sum, yet still own a valuable piece of his art work with excellent investment potential.

With the increasingly volatile financial markets, banks being nationalized, stock markets falling, house prices collapsing ( sorry to be so gloomy – but we all know it’s true! Ed ) identifying a safe place to invest your money is becoming increasingly important and more difficult. Whilst art is not immune to the tough times, if you buy wisely, it can be one of the few investments capable of both increasing its value over the long term and giving the pleasure of owning a thing of beauty in the meantime.